Purchase this year’s Raffle Ticket Now!!!  Raffle ends February 28th 2023 at midnight.

Arnold Shultz (1886–1931) was an African American musician from western Kentucky who had a profound influence on Bill Monroe and the development of bluegrass.

In honor of Black History Month, Pisgah Banjo Company is proud to sponsor a yearly raffle to raise funds for the Arnold Shultz Fund, which supports people of color perusing Bluegrass, Traditional, and Old Time music.  During our first annual raffle of 2021, thanks to the incredible support of our customers, we are pleased to share that we sold 1,337 tickets raising $26,740. In 2022, we were able to raise $32,720, for a combined total of $59,460 to the Fund to date! The Arnold Shultz Fund is a scholarship through the IBMA foundation.