Pisgah Banjos is proud to support and partner with The Black Banjo Reclamation Project doing important anti-racism work and uplifting black banjo players and builders in the banjo community.  We feel the banjo and its history has been systemically miss-appropriated resulting in a white supremacy culture that is still prevalent today.  Due to current stakeholders in the banjo community “white washing” banjo history and culture, we feel it extremely important to support the Black Banjo Reclamation Project and their efforts to re-claim the banjo as a historically black instrument born on early American and Caribbean slave plantations.  You can support them directly by donating HERE.

You can purchase a raffle ticket HERE to support the IMBA Foundation’s Arnold Shultz Fund and enter for a chance to win a special Pisgah Banjo. The first $10,000 raised will be designated for the BBRP. Read more about the Arnold Shultz Fund here.


“The Black Banjo Reclamation Project is an ongoing community and land-based development that focuses on the cultural folk traditions of the Banjo in relation to Black and African Diasporic communities.

Comprised of educators, musicians, historians, crafters, builders, healers and land stewards, our work is deeply rooted in the connection, understanding and learning that comes from community engagement in Black, Indigenous, POC and White-European communities. For three years, we have been facilitating musical training, workshops, learning spaces, as well as the distribution, repair and building of banjos. The work of the BBRP is to support Black people and communities in accessing, experiencing and stewarding musical traditions that come from their own ancestral and cultural lineages.

In the 2022 program schedule ::

– Black Banjo Weekend Campout and Build, Sacramento CA March 2022
– Research Project 2022
– Black Banjo Fellowship September 2022

BBRP is a multi-cultural collaboration that promotes conversation and action in healing the ancestral, historical, cultural and racially dividing wounds in this country and the world.

Our complete budget takes the next five years into account. For the 2022 year going into the 2023 year, we plan to raise 100,000 for programming. We look forward to connecting and collaborating through this work! With much appreciation and gratitude. ”