• Patrick Heavner

    Patrick, originally from Morganton, NC has been building banjos since 2005. He built his first banjo under the guidance of Luthier Charlie Glen while a Geography and Appropriate Technology student at Appalachian State University. Having a great interest and deep respect for Appalachian culture, he has studied and worked with luthiers and crafts people from Boone to Brasstown. With an engineering eye and high standard for structural and aesthetic quality, Patrick draws from the traditionalism & innovative spirit of the mountain folk to create beautiful looking and rich sounding instruments that make his mentors (and customers) proud. In 2014 Patrick started Balsam Banjoworks as a separate banjo parts and accessaries company providing quality, American made hardware to banjo builders all over the world.

  • Adam Sacora

    Adam has been working with Pisgah Banjos since 2014. Patrick and Adam met briefly in college while at App State and then later again working for the same solar company in Asheville together. After working in the solar industry for many years, Adam decided to peruse homesteading with his wife Alyssa and banjo building. Adam is the head banjo set up specialist and in charge of quality control throughout the whole shop. Adam enjoys mountain biking, playing guitar and banjo.

  • Nathan Vargo

    Nathan took Patrick's first banjo building work shop in 2014. Two years later, he starting working for Pisgah Banjos and is the chief rim production specialist. He grew up in Raleigh, NC and after traveling the country for a few years decided to settle down in Asheville to learn old-time music. Nathan is also an award winning flatfoot dancer.

  • Haakon Oyen

    Haakon grew up in the rural hills of upstate NY. He holds a deep passion for playing old-time and bluegrass music. Making little to no money as a musician, he works part time for Pisgah to pay the rent. Haakon met Patrick at an old-time jam in late 2015 and has been working for Pisgah ever since. Haakon is also an accomplished juggler.

  • Matt Sellars

    Matt started building banjos under master engraver Bob Anderson, then started Greasy Banjos, a bluegrass banjo company. After becoming bbff(banjo best friends forever) with Patrick, Matt joined the Pisgah Banjo crew and has been working full time since 2017. When not building banjos Matt can be found singing and playing guitar in Honky Tonk bands, and spending all his money on his house and farm animals. He hopes to someday master the "Bum Ditty"