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Custom Deep Pot Possum (# 2964)

Custom Deep Pot Possum

Short Scale

Persimmon Tone Ring

12″ Cherry rim with Walnut rim cap

Cherry neck with fretted Persimmon fingerboard

Face and side dot inlay

Vintage headstock with quilted star inlay

Folk heel

Aged Brass Hardware

JB Schall ball end shoes

Remo Renaissance drum head

Traditional Tailpiece

Standard Maple bridge

PBCO Old Time Clawhammer Strings





Custom Dobson # 2888

Custom Dobson # 2888

12″ Walnut Rim w/ Cherry Rim Cap

Dobson tone ring

Standard scale

Walnut Neck with Persimmon fingerboard with face and side dot inlay

S – Style  Scoop

Folk Heel

Vintage headstock with Quilted Star Inlay

Pisgah Hawk Tail Tailpiece

Aged Brass Hardware

JB Schall Ball End Shoes

Standard Maple Bridge

Remo Renaissance Drum Head

PBCO Old Time Clawhammer Strings



Custom Tubaphone (# 2827)

Grab this Custom Tubaphone today before it’s gone!  Built in Cherry with standard scale neck (26 and 3/16″), folk heel, and fretted Persimmon fingerboard with side dots, Walnut face dots, and slotted style headstock with beautiful Persimmon veneer overlay.  Featuring a 12″ Cherry rim with Tubaphone tone ring, this banjo is perfect for Clawhammer!  Classic tone, plenty of volume & sustain, and reaches the Low end perfectly – truly a joy to play!   Additional features include a standard scoop, Remo Renaissance drum head with unique, custom art from Fairview, NC artist Nate Barton, Pisgah Hawk Tail tailpiece, Mulheron bridge, and antiqued brass hardware.  Add one of our handmade, Armadillo Armrests, and we will be happy to install it for you!


Case options: Access Padded Gig Bag w/ PBCO Logo  or  TKL Hard Case

Signature required for delivery.  Carrier will be UPS or USPS.



Custom Appalachian (#2937)

Custom Appalachian


Rolled Brass Tone Ring

Standard Scale

12″ Walnut Rim with Cherry Rim Cap

Walnut Neck with Persimmon fingerboard, fretted, with face and side dot inlay

Vintage style headstock with Quilted Star inlay


Folk Heel

Aged Brass Hardware

JB Schall Ball End Shoes

Pisgah Hawk Tail tailpiece

Remo Renaissance drum head

Mulheron bridge

PBCO Old-Time Clawhammer Strings

Includes handmade Pisgah Armadillo armrest in Walnut




Custom Appalachian (# 2808)

Grab this Custom Appalachian today before it’s gone!


12″ Ebonized Cherry Rim with Rolled Brass tone ring, Walnut neck in Standard Scale, fretted fingerboard in Persimmon with side dots, Vintage style headstock with quilted star inlay, and folk heel. Additional features include an S-scoop, Remo Renaissance drum head, Traditional tailpiece, JB Schall ball  style Ball shoes, standard Maple bridge, and antiqued brass hardware.



This banjo has a nice, bright, classic tone with plenty of volume and sustain – perfect for Clawhammer!   Installed with medium gauge, PBCO Clawhammer strings.  Add one of our handmade, Armadillo Armrests, and we will be happy to install it for you!


Case options: Access Padded Gig Bag w/ PBCO Logo  or  TKL Hard Case or Calton Case

Signature required for delivery.  Carrier will be UPS or USPS.



PBCO Koozie w/ Bear Design

Keep your beverages cool with our new koozies! Featuring original artwork by artist Sarah Koff with Pisgah Banjo Co logo featured on the opposite side.  These are great for camping at your favorite festival or simply using around the house while you relax with a cold one.

Well of Souls: Uncovering the Banjo’s Hidden History

By Kristina R Gaddy (Author), Rhiannon Giddens (Foreword by)   An illuminating history of the banjo, revealing its origins at the crossroads of slavery, religion, and music. In an extraordinary story unfolding across two hundred years, Kristina Gaddy uncovers the banjo’s key role in Black spirituality, ritual, and rebellion. Through meticulous research in diaries, letters, (read the rest…)

Wire Armrest

These Vega Style Wire Armrests give the look and feel of vintage armrests from the turn of the century. Made in raw brass, they are made to match an 11″ rim, but can be carefully bent to fit other sizes including banjo ukuleles.   These armrests are fully adjustable and can sit high or low above the banjo head, depending on your needs.  Easy to install, this armrest attaches to your existing brackets.  All that is needed for installation is a bracket wrench that fits the size of your tension nuts. Can be used by both right and left handed players.

5 String Maple Banjo Bridge

These banjo bridges are made in Maple with ebony top and available in a variety of heights.   Standard spacing for 5 string banjo.


Banjo bridge innovation just raised the bar!  These beautiful “Fiddle Banjo Bridges” from Seeders Instruments are handmade using quarter sawn Maple and Ebony. It takes influences from the traditional violin bridge and its unique sound and vibration transferring principles. Every bridge has hand carved details and a compensated center string for improved intonation.  Add one to your banjo bridge collection.  It’s a joy to play!