SOLD: Builder’s Choice # 2731: Custom Possum w/ Vintage headstock

Grab this Custom Possum today before it’s gone! This banjo is built with a standard scale (26 and 3/16″) fingerboard in Persimmon with both face and side dots, and a vintage style headstock with quilted star inlay.  Featuring a 12″ Cherry rim and neck and paired with a built-in wooden tone ring made from Persimmon, this banjo has a nice warm and plunky tone, perfect for clawhammer.   Additional features include an s-scoop, Remo Fiberskyn style drum head, vintage heel, Pisgah Hawktail tailpiece, Mulheron bridge, antiqued brass hardware and JB Schall ball style bracket shoes. Comes with 5th string capo spikes on frets 7, 9, and 10 and Cherry armrest.


Case options: Access Padded Gig Bag w/ PBCO Logo  or  TKL Hard Case

Signature required for delivery.  Carries will be UPS or USPS.



SOLD: Builder’s Choice # 2653: Custom Rambler Dobson with Vintage Headstock

Looking for more volume?  This Custom Rambler Dobson may be for you! Built with a standard scale neck in Cherry and 12″ Stainless Steel spunover rim, this banjo has a great tone with plenty of volume, resonance, and sustain.  We built this one with a Vintage style headstock with quilted star inlay, aged brass hardware, Richlite fretboard with Copper face dots and an S-style scoop for easy frailing. This banjo is equipped with our signature Pisgah Hawktail tailpiece and PBCO Old Time banjo strings – perfect for Clawhammer!



Case options: Access Padded Gig Bag w/ PBCO Logo  or  TKL Hard Case

Signature is required for delivery.  Carrier will be UPS or USPS.



SOLD: Builder’s Choice # 2647: Custom A-Scale Possum, Fully Fretted, Curly Maple

Grab this Custom Possum now while you still can, and experience the joy of playing a fully fretted, A-scale banjo!

Featuring a Persimmon fingerboard, blonde Curly Maple rim and neck, and aged brass hardware, this banjo catches the eye and is a joy to play. The 12″ rim and built-in Persimmon tone ring give this banjo plenty of volume. The wooden tone ring and shorter neck length make this banjo nice and lightweight and very comfortable to play. With a fully fretted neck, you’ll have plenty of possibilities as you play up the fretboard and explore what your banjo can do. The Remo Renaissance drum head combined with Persimmon tone ring makes for a very clear and natural tone. Stuff it with a cloth for a softer tone.  This one won’t be around long!


*PRICE INCLUDES CASE*, which is our Access Padded Gig Bag w/ PBCO Logo

Signature required for delivery.  Delivery by UPS or USPS.