Banjo bridge innovation just raised the bar!  These beautiful “Fiddle Banjo Bridges” from Seeders Instruments are handmade using quarter sawn Maple and Ebony. It takes influences from the traditional violin bridge and its unique sound and vibration transferring principles. Every bridge has hand carved details and a compensated center string for improved intonation.  Add one to your banjo bridge collection.  It’s a joy to play!

The Pisgah Eclipse Compensated Bridge

Check out our new compensated bridge – the Pisgah Eclipse!


The Pisgah Eclipse is a precision manufactured compensated banjo bridge which combines proven design with modern technology to offer a truly first of its kind bridge for all styles of banjo playing. The Pisgah Eclipse improves intonation, enhances tone, and provides a proven solution for upgrading your banjo to its fullest potential.  The Pisgah Eclipse is precision high quality 3-D printed from sustainable plant based bio-plastic featuring a continuous foot which will improve your banjo’s intonation for a lifetime. Designed by Patrick David Sawyer and Kyle VanMeter, the Eclipse uses a 4″ radius, 10 degree back draft, and 3 degree front draft and is hollow on the inside for a perfect weight.  Try one out today! Return for a full refund if this doesn’t improve your banjo’s intonation!

Pisgah “Pete Seeger Style” Banjo Bridge

Made in the USA by Pisgah Banjos Company, this iconic bridge is modeled after Pete Seeger’s uniquely styled banjo bridge. It is designed to create more volume and “plunk”  without increasing sustain or overtones. It will also never tip over!  Choose from 5/8″, 11/16″ and 3/4″ height, all with standard 1-11/16″ string spacing. This Bridge is designed to evenly distributed  string pressure to all 4 feet. Bridge is 3D printed from Polylactic Acid (PLA), a biodegradable polymer derived from sugar cane and will eventually biodegrade in 200-300 years. Original bridges were made out of plastic circuit board material! Add some style, tone and options to your banjo arsenal!  Sound clip is of a banjo with a wooden tone ring, skin head, 12″ rim and medium gauge strings. 3D Design credited to Kyle VanMeter and Steven Arms. Overall original concept design credited to Stew Jamison.

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Mulheron Banjo Bridge

The Mulheron “continuous leg” hand-made bridge creates a stable platform that in turn transfers the tone evenly and consistently throughout the entire banjo.  The banjo becomes more responsive, creating clarity and providing a warm, professional sound without harsh overtones.  The use of a continuous leg also prevents the bridge from sagging over time.   The “hole layout” design allows the sound to easily travel from the string to the head by removing excess material, making this bridge delicate in appearance, yet strong in tone and design.  All bridges feature a walnut body with a persimmon tone cap and are finished using a non-toxic, food safe walnut oil. Mulheron bridges are made exclusively for Pisgah Banjo Company & Balsam Banjoworks by master bridge craftsman Lindsey Liden of Mulheron Craft.

Now available! Crowe-spaced Mulheron bridges! The Crowe spacing adds 1/16th of an inch to the “standard” string spacing.  This spacing is great for old-time or clawhammer styles. It allows the player to have easier access between strings, which can help with drop thumb, the bum diddy, and overall control. In addition, Crowe spacing also adds a slightly wider spacing to the fretted hand, which can make it easier to find individual notes, play hammer ons, pull-offs, slides, and helps with cramping. Enjoy the ease and comfort this bridge allows while still getting the warm and plunky, full tone.