Nylgut Frailing Banjo Strings

Pisgah Banjo Co partnered with Aquila Strings to provide simply the best simulated gut strings on the market today for banjo. Formulated specifically for open-back clawhammer banjo, minstrel banjo, and other old-time styles, these strings add mellowness and plunk to your tone, making your banjo sound like it is from the turn of the 19th century. The nylgut strings are strong and resistant to changes in moisture and humidity. They stand up to any playing conditions and are perfect for festivals, jam settings, or playing at home on your porch. Truly a pleasure to play, these strings feel like butter as you plunk along to your favorite tune!


We recommend a bowline hitch knot. You may need something to grab the end of the string to pull it tight when you tie the knots. Be sure to tune up slowly as you add tension. Please note, the nut slots and possible bridge slots may need to be widened to accommodate these strings. Forcing them through spaces too narrow and sharp can cause breakage.

PBCO Clawhammer banjo strings

Made exclusively for Pisgah Banjo Company, these medium gauge Old Time banjo strings are perfect for any old-time banjo styles.  Not too light, and not too heavy, these strings provide a broad range of tonal qualities well suited for most players and styles.  The Phosphor bronze wound 4th string provides a well rounded low end making for a clean deep tone.


– Keep strings in packaging until ready to replace
– Clip excess string close to tuning peg after winding
– Clean strings after each use with a cotton rag
– Replace all strings every 1 – 3 months, depending on how much you play