The Roscoe

Introducing Roscoe! Pisgah’s newest and most affordable boutique banjo made in the USA!  Roscoe features a walnut tone rim, cherry neck, golden rectangle headstock, and aged brass hardware. The walnut tone rim gives amazing plunk and darkness making Roscoe sound reminiscent of banjos from a forgotten era. Don’t let its price point fool you! Its (read the rest…)


If “Round Peak” is the sound you are looking for, look no further than the Woodchuck….Tried and true, the Woodchuck is the workhorse of touring musicians across the country.  It’s rolled brass tone ring and simple appointments make the Woodchuck a classic sounding and simple, “no frills” banjo.  Featuring a walnut neck and black ash (read the rest…)

Pisgah Possum

The Pisgah Possum was the first banjo model we introduced in 2012 and is still one of our most popular models to date!  Featuring a persimmon tone ring and persimmon fretboard, the Possum gives a warm rich plunky tone without being overpowering.  Great for jams, performing, or just sitting at home and picking in your (read the rest…)


The Pisgah Appalachian is all you need if you are looking for a quality, step-up banjo!  It is a simple, classic, no-frills banjo, similar in features to the Pisgah Possum, but with a rolled brass tone ring instead of persimmon to give a little more punch to the tone.  This banjo is perfect for anyone (read the rest…)

Pisgah Dobson

The Pisgah Dobson is perfect for those looking for a lighter weight banjo with good sustain and projection.  Our Dobson tone ring, modeled after the original 1881 patent, is bell shaped and gives the banjo good sustain and resonance while only adding 9 ounces to the total weight.  The Pisgah Dobson is very responsive, making (read the rest…)


The Rambler is the first affordable, sustainable, hand made spun-over rim banjo on the market! This banjo features a 12″ or 11″ stainless steel spun-over rim with a REMOVABLE Dobson tone ring, richlite fingerboard, and either a walnut or cherry neck. All hardware made in USA by Balsam Banjoworks!

Rambler Special

Similar to the Rambler Dobson but with a few upgrades.  Available in walnut or cherry, this banjo comes with an aged copper or brass rim in 11″ or 12″. The softer metal gives this banjo a little warmer tone while maintaining sustain and projection.  Another upgrade to this banjo is the Pisgah Hawktail tailpiece. This (read the rest…)

Pisgah Tubaphone

This is our version of the legendary Vega Tubaphone banjo from the turn of the century. A very close representation with some modern improvements, this banjo will stand out in any crowd. Our Tubaphone tone ring is made in house by hand and molded with exacting specifications from an original, making the tone unmistakable from (read the rest…)

Pisgah Wonder

A tribute to the original Vega Little Wonder banjos, the Pisgah Wonder harkens to the golden age of banjo building.  Featuring a reproduction Little Wonder tone ring, curly maple neck and rim, and Pisgah‘s vintage features, this banjo possesses the look and sound of the turn of the century.

Pisgah Laydie

This is our version of the Vega Whyte Laydie banjo from the turn of the century. This blond bombshell features a scalloped “electric” tone ring also know as the Whyte Laydie tone ring and is made in house by hand and molded with exacting specifications from an original, making the tone unmistakable from nearly a (read the rest…)