Double-pointed bracket shoe

Made in the USA, the only reproduction cast “double pointed” bracket shoe available. This L style bracket shoe is considered to be the strongest bracket shoe style, allowing for great tension without any “lift” on the bottom of the shoe. With 12-24 threads, this shoe pairs great with any of our Rim hex bolts.


Material: Cast Zinc

Finish: Raw Brass Plate, Bright Nickel Plate, Aged Brass

Length: (point to point) 1 5/32″Width: (side to side) 3/8″ Height: (back to front) 9/16″

Thread: 12-24 Note: threaded hole is 1/2″ on center from the bottom point.

Through Hole: 3/16″ in diameter and 3/8″ on center from back (flat) of shoe.

Installation Instructions: Bracket shoes DO NOT come with Hex Rim Bolts.  Choose between our Hex Rim Bolts to fit your rim thickness.  Hex Rim Bolts should thread into Bracket Shoes at least 1/8″, and no more than 9/32″. Use 5/16″ hex wrench when tightening our Hex Rim Bolts to Bracket shoe.


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