The Pisgah Eclipse Compensated Bridge


Check out our new compensated bridge – the Pisgah Eclipse!

The Pisgah Eclipse is a precision manufactured compensated banjo bridge which combines proven design with modern technology to offer a truly first of its kind bridge for all styles of banjo playing. The Pisgah Eclipse improves intonation, enhances tone, and provides a proven solution for upgrading your banjo to its fullest potential.  The Pisgah Eclipse is precision high quality 3-D printed from sustainable plant based bio-plastic featuring a continuous foot which will improve your banjo’s intonation for a lifetime. Designed by Patrick David Sawyer and Kyle VanMeter, the Eclipse uses a 4″ radius, 10 degree back draft, and 3 degree front draft and is hollow on the inside for a perfect weight.  Try one out today! Return for a full refund if this doesn’t improve your banjo’s intonation!


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