SOLD! #2065 Custom Cherry Possum

Builder’s Choice Banjo #2065 is a beauty! This Custom Possum is made in cherry with a short scale and 12″ pot. It features our new slotted head stock design with Gotoh tuners, as well as a frailing s-scoop. The fingerboard on this banjo is made from some really nice persimmon with a natural, unique pattern. The built-in persimmon tone ring gives it a nice, warm sound. Equipped with a Remo Renaissance drum head and antiqued brass hardware from Balsam Banjoworks, this banjo is ready to go, complete with an upgraded Pisgah Hawk Tail tailpiece, and optional brass Kat Eyz Capo designed specifically to fit our neck profiles perfectly. Comes with Access Stage One Gig Bag with PBCO logo.

Spikes are available upon request for an additional $10 per spike.


Grab it while it last, it won’t be around long!




Slotted headstock with Gotoh tuners

Renaissance head by REMO

S – Scoop

Folk heel

Antiqued Brass hardware from Balsam Banjo Works

12″ pot

Persimmon tone ring

Short scale (25.5″)

Cherry neck

Cherry rim with walnut rim cap

Standard maple bridge

Hawk Tail tailpiece

Delrin nut

Persimmon fingerboard with face + side dots

PBCO Old-Time Clawhammer Medium Gauge Strings




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