John Balch pre-mounted goat skin head w/PBCO logo

John Balch and PBCO have partnered with Balsam to make these pre-mounted goat skin heads more available to pickers and builders.  John hand selects each head for perfect tone and consistent thickness throughout.  Easy to install, simply remove your old head and replace it just like you would any standard head. Add one of these heads to your banjo to give it a nice warm and plunky tone that can only come from real skin. The logo is printed on the inside of the head and is barely visible once installed. We do not sell these skin heads without the logo. *In some cases, the logo may be handwritten on the edge of the head.


Gives a warm mellow, and plunky tone to your banjo.

Heads are made for us in small batches and are frequently on backorder. Please allow several weeks or more for delivery.

These heads will last for years if kept properly tensioned. Do not over tighten.

John Balch heads do not come with a warranty and are not refundable or replaced if damaged or torn.

Installation instructions can be found here.


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